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A recently-impaled and still-recovering Peggy decides to solicit Dottie Underwood’s help in her battle against Whitney Frost.


Season 2, Episode 6: Life of the Party

After disappearing briefly into the zero matter void, which looks like Frodo’s Ring-Vision from Lord of the Rings, Dr. Jason comes back to Peggy. Rather than try to get a better grasp on what he’s seeing when he crosses over, she encourages him to build a containment chamber for himself, so he can be solid. To do that, they’ll need a blood sample from Whitney, the only source of zero matter currently available on Earth. There’s a fundraising event at the Arena Club, and Jarvis has procured tickets. With Peggy unable to attend with him, because she’s both too recognizable and severely injured, the Future SHIELD team needs to find her replacement. At first, I thought it would be Anna Jarvis, since she’s back this episode, but instead Peggy decides to spring Dottie from prison. Probably a wiser choice since Whitney is terrifying, but still. It’d be nice if they didn’t waste the radiant Lotte Verbeek wandering around worrying for Jarvis. Although, to be fair, it’s great to see her acting as Dr. Jason’s hands. They are fun together, even if both are tragically underwritten in these episodes.

I didn’t realize just how much I missed Dottie until she and Peggy had their sweetly menacing repartee in the prison cell. Once again, the show shines a little brighter when the dudes and their stubby neck ties stand down and let the women do the work. Dottie tries to escape from Peggy, but Sousa is there with a net gun that is also a taser! It’s a hilarious moment, and totally unexpected to see Dottie uncomposed, even if it’s just for a minute.

Everyone gets ready for the party, donning fancy fascinators to either hide com devices or giant zero matter scars. Dottie notices Dr. Jason’s lack of physical presence, and we can see the wheels turning in her maniacal mind. Chadwick is clearly setting Whitney up for something terrible with the council. This guy is almost as incompetent as Sousa. It’s cute the way he thinks his beloved cadre of old white guys can defeat the scariest substance in the known universe whilst it’s trapped in the body of his genius wife. And speaking of Sousa, he and Peggy are going to be stuck in a van together, surveilling this business. Sadly, we all know where this is going, especially after his tragic breakup with Violet last week. But why discuss feelings when it’s calm? Relationships are for high-intensity work situations only!

At the party, Jarvis and Dottie run into some trouble when Jack shows up with Vernon. They gladhand Chadwick, who promises Jack some super sweet government promotions once he’s congressman. It’s hard to tell if Jack is suspicious or ever the company man, but it’d be nice to see him have a change of heart. Chad Michael Murray plays the most lovable version of a douchebag.

Not wanting to get made, and hoping to find an escape, Dottie goes to the powder room. She removes her com, and then she gets Whitney’s blood sample. Wanting to see what else she can find to use as leverage in her imminent escape, she wanders the Arena club, eventually finding a nice closet in the council room just in time to hide for Whitney’s presentation. The council tries to strangle Whitney with the same long loop poles that Steve Irwin (RIP) used to nab crocs. But she’s so powerful she sends zero matter through the floor and gobbles them up! And she doesn’t stop there. No, girlfriend then decides to zero matterize her husband – a wise choice given that he’s a nitwit and a pig who just tried to have her killed. She leaves four council members, including Hugh Jones, the dude Peggy used her memory taser on last week. She tells them she’s taking over, and unlike her husband, they are smart enough not to argue.

In the van, in the middle of his very important job that involves highly toxic mystery matter, Sousa and Peggy discuss Violet whilst Peggy bleeds from her freshly-popped stitches. Despite all this, the incompetent Sousa infects Peggy with his stupidity and they try to kiss, right there. Luckily, Dottie starts a fight inside, and a defenestrated henchman knocks out communications capabilities between Peggy, Sousa, and Jarvis. Dottie disappears but kindly leaves behind the blood sample she procured. Peggy, Jarvis and Sousa rush it back to the lab before Jack or Vernon can spot them.

The closing stinger reveals that Whitney has captured Dottie. Exciting! I cannot wait to see more of these two together, especially since Peggy has somehow become sidelined in her own show.

Season 2, Episode 7: Monsters

After murdering her husband – ok, it was self-defense – Whitney dons a full mantilla to cover her ever-expanding scar and holds a press conference, promising that this tragedy will only make her stronger. Peggy watches in the crowd, along with Simpering Sousa. She cannot concentrate on anything but finding Dottie, which seems insane given that there are way more dangerous and pressing matters – zero matters! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Meanwhile, Vernon attempts to question Dottie using pliers and truth serum. She laughs at him. This isn’t her first rodeo, son. Frustrated by Vernon’s incompetence, Whitney takes over after a brief but always-welcome Ken Marino interlude. She partially zero matters Dottie and then re-enables her tracker to set a trap.

Back at the lab, Peggy is being super cold to Dr. Jason. She tells him that Dottie is their number one priority despite the fact that the whole mission was to get zero matter to build a containment chamber to make Dr. Jason solid so they could better understand how this stuff works. I know that rebar skewered Peggy through her abdomen, but somehow it got into her brain and completely altered her intelligent, capable personality as well. She and Sousa, despite being insanely busy tracking several bad ladies, still have an awkward interlude in which they try to make sense of their near-kiss. YOU ARE SSI AGENTS AND THE FUTURE OF SHIELD! It is no wonder Hydra was able to infiltrate them from the get-go. Steve Rogers would be so disappointed.

Even with all the incompetence surrounding him, Dr. Jason gets his containment chamber working. The moment he’s solid, he shows Peggy what a decisive, smart human does and kisses her. He knows how he feels, and he thought he knew how Peggy felt because until two days prior, she was a super awesome special agent. The tracker pings with Dottie’s location, so Peggy rushes off, taking Jarvis with her. She knows they’re heading into a trap, so they prepare accordingly. Anna Jarvis tries to comfort Dr. Jason with some of Howard’s expensive wine and a home-cooked meal. I love that they’re friends.

At Whitney’s lair, Peggy and Jarvis get captured because instead of testing their equipment or going over their plan, Jarvis quizzes Peggy on the car ride there. They are tied up with Dottie, but they escape very easily. A shell-shocked Dottie tells Peggy that this wasn’t the trap – this was the distraction.

The alarm sounds at the lab, and Anna goes to investigate and turn it off. Whitney finds Dr. Jason in his chamber and commends his excellent work. She invites him to team up with her, and he declines. Only the problem is that Jason is now solid, which means he can be kidnapped. Rough.

Sousa gets beaten up by some thugs, probably sent by Vernon, so he can’t help Anna. Peggy and Jarvis almost arrive in time, but Whitney shoots Anna in the stomach, buying her time to get away. Anna gets rushed into surgery, and Jarvis can only wait.

With Peggy back in action, this episode felt a lot more in line with the Agent Carter we know and love. But the love triangle just is not working. Peggy and Dr. Jason have so much chemistry, and have accomplished so much between the two of them that Sousa looks ridiculous by comparison. It’s endlessly frustrating, especially since Sousa can’t even seem to swat the mosquito that is the meddling Vernon. I have a theory that perhaps Peggy, still recovering from losing Steve, teetering on the edge of losing Dr. Jason, might be drawn to Sousa since he’s mediocrity means he is less at risk for anything terrible. If Angie were here, she’d tell Peggy to get a grip, but this show seems intent on separating Peggy from any meaningful interactions with other women. They just shot Anna and zero mattered Dottie. It’s ridiculous.

On the upside, both Peggy and Sousa have been decommissioned by the SSI, which means SHIELD can finally form. I hope that Neal McDonough’s Dum-Dum Dugan shows up to help them like he did last season. The show could use a bit more fun, especially now that Jarvis has some real trauma on his hands.


Directed By: Craig Zisk, Metin Huseyin

Produced By: Tara Butters, Louis D’Esposito, Chris Dingess, Michele Fazekas, Kevin Feige, Alan Fine, Stan Lee, Jeph Loeb, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Joe Quesada

Written By: Eric Pearson Brandon Easton

Starring: Hayley Atwell, James D’Arcy, Enver Gjokaj, Chad Michael Murray, Reggie Austin, Bridget Regan, Kurtwood Smith

Network: ABC

Date released: February 16, 2016

Run Time: 2- 42 minute episodes

Rating: N/A

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