Top 10 of 2015

Hello there! Here are my ten best movies of 2015. The list is entirely subjective, but ultimately, mine. As with the rest of our top tens, the points have been tallied to help create an official top ten list...

Battlefield Earth Review

      Battlefield Earth dazzles as the poster boy of big budget ineptitude.     Battlefield Earth's reputation precedes it as a film that’s truly infamous. It finds itself...

Iron Man Review

Iron Man is one of the best superhero origin stories where Marvel does the most in creating its own superhero universe.   Italked to someone who was working at Marvel when they were developing Iron...

Paddington Review

Despite all odds, Paddington delivers and exceeds expectations. The issue of Paddington is a tough one to consider. Paddington is a rather polarizing figure in children’s literature. His iconic look is...