Akira Review

Brutally violent, beautifully animated, Akira is a masterpiece of science fiction cinema.   This review is the lead off of my Top Ten Anime movies you should check out. To be honest, this is not...

Burnt Review

Visually appealing for those who love food as art, unfortunately Burnt lacks the required seasonings to make a satisfying and complete meal.   Just like an “almost” experience dining out, Burnt...

American Ultra Review

Don't waste your time on this action-stoner mish-mash.   Sometimes two different things coming together gives us something greater than the sum of its parts. Take peanut butter and chocolate. Without...

Star Trek Review

  A seamless bridge between old a new, Star Trek breaks the trend of thoughtless reboots.   The trend in films over the last decade or so seems to revolve around sequels, prequels, and reboots....