Finding Nemo Review

The father of a lost young clown fish sets out on an incredible journey.   Marlin (Albert Brooks) is a clown fish that is recovering from the recent loss of his wife, Coral, and his 399+ kids that...

Monsters, Inc. Review

A human child ends up in the monster world with two goofball monsters who are struggling to return her and end up unearthing an evil plot in the process. In the city of Monstropolis, the monsters get...

A Bug’s Life Review

When one ant decides to stand up against the bully grasshoppers with a group of circus bugs, hilarity ensues.   A colony of ants has been accustomed to gathering food for themselves and their...

The Incredibles Review

Don't miss this sci-fi-action-animated film from the PIXAR collection.   Fifteen years after the glory days of super heroes, Bob Parr (Nelson), a former super hero named Mr. Incredible, loses his job...

Pan Review

A prequel to the Peter Pan story  telling how Peter got to and became the hero of Neverland, friends with the Indians, and enemy to the Pirates.   Peter Pan prequel? Sounds great. Finally, the...

Toy Story 2 Review

An endearing follow-up, this sequel almost lives up to the Toy Story legend.   While Andy is playing with Woody, he accidentally tears him. Woody ends up on a shelf, then in a garage sale, and finally...

Toy Story Review

Ever wonder what it would be like if toys were actually alive? Well, imagination has no limitations in this computer animated movie about the secret lives of toys… Woody (Tom Hanks), a pull string cowboy...