Fear the Chick Flick

Welcome to the second Vampire Month installment. This one nearly killed me, but I was resurrected at the last minute. I suppose that explains my recent thirst for blood and aversion to garlic. Anyway, without further ado: VAMPIRE ACADEMY Director: Mark...

Warcraft Review

As the Orcs look to leave their dying world they come to Azeroth, where the humans are not so welcoming to invading forces, and war breaks out between the races. To be brutally honest, if not a fan of the games or never having played them, then this movie...
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Welcome to Film Takeout!

Welcome to Film Takeout! As we enter 2016, we want to look back on the best, and worst, of 2015. Every day we'll be releasing new content on our top ten lists from our writers, along with new columns, videos, and podcasts that cover the year that was and the...

The Imitation Game Review

Despite its many intriguing storylines, The Imitation Game falls flat. The story of Alan Turing is curious to say the least.  Being the genius mathematician behind cracking the ostensibly unbreakable Enigma code used by the Nazis, one would think this...

Ida Review

“Ida” is a 2013 film directed by Pawel Pawlikowski. It takes us on a journey back to post World War II Poland where a young soon to be nun- Anna learns about her true identity before taking her vows. This film is everything contemporary cinema isn’t:...
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The Double Review

The Double is a witty but mostly gloomy and depressing story about social alienation and falling victim to the mundane world. Avid readers might find it interesting that the film is based on the novel “The Double” by Russian author Fyodor...

Spring Breakers Review

Spring Breakers is uncertain as a movie, strong as a social statement. No one would ever accuse Harmony Korrine of being average. After all, making a movie titled Trash Humpers officially makes your style experimental, even with a topic as universal as...