Godzilla (1954) Review

Inarguably, one of the most influential giant monsters films out there, as much for the incredibly destructive nature of the film and iconic monster design as for its social and political commentary towards nuclear bombs and their ecological impact on...

Welcome to Film Takeout!

Six months ago, relaunching this website was not the forefront of my mind. I sat in a Steak and Shake with Nate Davis who enthusiastically pitched me the benefits of relaunching the website. When I called the other co creator Wil Hensen to talk about it I...

Alan Partridge Review

Steve Coogan’s radio and television character persona brings the best of modern British comedy to the silver screen for 90 minutes of non-stop hilarity. What started in 1991 as a character in the BBC radio show “On the Hour” has lived on in a...

Silicon Valley – Season 1

Can “Silicon Valley” be the Comedy that HBO so Desperately Needs? Since the end of the cult classic “Entourage” HBO has struggled greatly to find a new show that stands tall against the many phenomenal comedies that are bringing in the best...

Centered. A Wes Anderson Supercut.

Wes Anderson is known for having of of the most distinctive visual styles of directors today. From his wide use of tracking shots to his use of colors and his lot of recurring actors, Wes Anderson is known for having detail-oriented sets and shots. Korean...

Shaun of the Dead Review

Shaun of the Dead, the aptly titled film about a guy named Shaun and some dead people, is the zombie parody/homage hybrid of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. It pits the hapless titular character, Shaun (Pegg), against a legion of the undead, in his quest to...

500 Days of Summer Review

500 Days of Summer remains a new season for the reinvention of the romantic comedy. 500 Days of summer remains a doppleganger upon itself, something that refuses to take itself too seriously but moderately keeps itself just serious enough.   The movie...