End of an Era?

With the seventh, and final season of Mad Men upon us we will not only be saying goodbye to Mr. Draper this summer, but one of the original anti-heroes of this golden age of television.  The three horsemen of Donald Draper, Walter White, and the original...

All is Lost Review

There are few films not just in this day and age, but the entire history of cinema that can achieve the incredible feat that “All Is Lost” goes above and beyond with. The film is written and directed by J.C. Chandor, who takes viewers back to an age where...

Hot Fuzz Review

Hot Fuzz, the only non-American, non-patriotic film to be unanimously requested for viewing at my last Fourth of July party. Declared by every drunk, barbeque chicken-filled partygoer as an exception, because it’s just that entertaining. Simon Pegg and...