The Wiz Live Review by Marcus Graham

The Stars Aligned.   I wasn’t born when The Wiz landed on Broadway and swept the Tony’s. By the time I knew anything about The Wiz, I was in grade school and even then, it wasn’t something put on the “must listen” list. However, I did...

Empire Sinned Against Review by Marcus Graham

The Empire Is Crumbling. My opener should basically sum up what I felt about the most recent episode of Empire. Like all great Empires, they can crash and burn and that is no different for the show. Much of this season has been messy and the...

Jessica Jones Review

Krysten Ritter carries this Netflix show with her considerable strength, but David Tennant does his best to steal it as Marvel’s scariest villain to date.   In this golden age of television, detective shows are often leading the conversation. True...

Empire Fires of Heaven Review by Marcus Graham

All’s fair in love and war has never been truer in the realm of Empire.   We left off last time with the big twist of Lucious being released from prison thanks to some great blackmail. We begin this week’s episode with his release basically...

Supergirl Pilot Review

How independent can a show be if it keep relying on Superman to save it?   Look! Up the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a flying teeny bopper who just wants to put a smile on all our faces with her delightful charm and nauseating...

iZombie Review by Diane Bushemi

The second season of this breakout hit series opens with plenty of brain candy to satiate its devoted viewers.   "Time heals all wounds. Time, heals all wounds. . . .”   That is what Liv tells herself when she trepidly enters the...
(L-R) Philip Winchester,  Wesley Snipes, and Charity Wakefield star in "THE PLAYER".  Photo Credit: Greg Peters/ NBC/ Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television

The Player Pilot Review

  Don't miss NBC's latest crime drama.   Do you feel secure? All the doors may be locked and the windows closed but at the end of the day do you still feel secure? What about your exit strategy? If something was to occur, do you have a way out?...