Silicon Valley Finale

Silicon Valley’s season finale brings in brand new jokes, ideas, and approaches to deliver the hands down best episode of the season. All of the top qualities of the show were in full force and many questions and concerns were more than answered even when...

Mad Men Season 7 Part I Review

The show that put AMC on the map is hardly limping away in its final season. The executives at AMC must be sweating at the moment. With their two flagship programs departing within a few years of each other one must wonder what they have up their sleeve to...

Silicon Valley Ep. 7 – Proof of Concept

Erlich Interrupted  The penultimate episode of Silicon Valley’s first season was a breath of fresh air as it gave the audience a pleasant change of scenery. With the season coming to a close Silicon Valley was in need of two strong final episodes to...

Fargo: Season 1

The series inspired by the 1996 film takes us on a chilling ride through an icy landscape like nothing else on television. Close to twenty years after the Coen brothers’ introduced the rest of the world to Fargo, FX has created the best show on...

Silicon Valley – Season 1

Can “Silicon Valley” be the Comedy that HBO so Desperately Needs? Since the end of the cult classic “Entourage” HBO has struggled greatly to find a new show that stands tall against the many phenomenal comedies that are bringing in the best...

End of an Era?

With the seventh, and final season of Mad Men upon us we will not only be saying goodbye to Mr. Draper this summer, but one of the original anti-heroes of this golden age of television.  The three horsemen of Donald Draper, Walter White, and the original...