The first photo has just debuted from the upcoming film Batman Vs. Superman. Director Zach Snyder tweeted a grim and gloomy image of a presumably beefed-up Ben Affleck standing next to the Batmobile. While the focus of the tweet was to show off the upcoming Batmobile (and a Leica Camera plug), which looks reminiscent of Tim Burton’s 1989 adaptation, others have been quick to note the Batsuit.

frank miller batman

It’s clear that Snyder’s Batsuit evokes the Batsuit of Frank Miller’s work The Dark Knight Returns, with stubbier ears, large gauntlet-like gloves, and large chest-emblem.

batman-ben-affleck-head Since the photo was taken in a low-contrast black and white, many details are difficult to make out. batman-ben-affleck-chest The reveal is likely timed with the start of production as an attempt to get ahead of leaks, so expect even more in the coming weeks. Regardless, we will all have to be a bit patient, as the release of Batman Vs. Superman won’t hit theaters until May, 2016.

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