Today in Hollywood we have perfectly clear skies, zero crime to report on our gun free streets and our socialist mayor Mercedes Ramirez Chang Goldberg has just signed into law both universal health care coverage for all residents and easy path to citizenship for all immigrants, while eliminating wealth inequality with the 50% tax rate on the cities richest citizens – which was successfully lobbied for by the heads of all the major networks and studios.

Welcome to the Hollywood that Fox News would have you believe exists, the Hollywood that is the capital fortress of the utopian inspiring liberal elite. But is this right wing fantasy of the mecca of all things entertainment, based even remotely in truth?

Before I begin to separate Tinsel town fact from fiction, I do want to say that there are a lot of industry folks who are working extremely hard in supporting causes ranging from the environment, to boycotting the Beverly Hotel because of its owner’s (The Sultan of Brunei) embracing last week of Brunei’s implementation of Shariah Law, with its harsh penalties for homosexuality and adultery, including death by stoning. Having said that however, couldn’t it be said, that almost any industry has its folks that are doing good works; trying to live by the golden rule and not the rule of gold? But a few individuals does not an industry make and that holds true for the industry of entertainment that is Hollywood.

When looking at the issues that supposedly concern most progressives i.e. those intellectual liberal elitists, how does Hollywood actually fair?

Let’s start with environment… we all know LA for its smog free skies and a tremendous public transit system that keeps most of its residents out of their automobiles. I guess I have to clarify that neither of those things are true; LA is renowned for both some of the worst smog this side of Beijing and to be polite, at best a subpar public transit system.

Moving to the crime free city that Hollywood is known for being; okay I can’t write that with a straight face. Where do I begin with the truth; a police department that has come to be defined by is bigotry and corruption or the gang violence that daily rapes from the city’s youth any semblance of childhood. And you can add to that there is probably no industry on earth that does more to promote and glamorize guns than Hollywood, so much so in fact in could change its name from LA to NRA without much of an uproar.

Then there is health care in the City of Angels. I will admit that I don’t if LA’s health care for its most impoverished has improved under the dreaded Obamacare, but before there was story after story of hospitals in the city that routinely put critically ill indigent patients into cabs and then had them dropped off on streets corners miles away. That’s not a very compassionately liberal thing to do to a fellow human being in need, now is it?

The relationship between Hollywood and its immigrant population has always been shocking to me, as one hand its tidy little world fall completely apart were it not for the hard working foreigners who come looking for a better life for themselves and their families, as they are literally in almost every way conceivable the back bone that supports the city’s infrastructure (don’t believe me watch the film “A Day Without a Mexican”). And other hand I can’t tell you how many “enlighten” industry friends I have who rail on insanely about the threat posed by all the illegals in the city.

Finally on the subject wealth inequality, you hear no screams from Hollywood’s stars and moguls for the minimum wage to be increased. In fact, the industry thrives on its voluntary slave labor force or as most of us know them as; actors. People who come from all over the world to chase their dreams of fame and while most never make it to that level of stardom or even sustainability in their chosen profession, films and televisions shows would just be empty canvases without these dreamers who are willing to work long hours in sometimes harsh circumstances, filling the background, completing picture for master behind the cameras lens, often for little and sometimes even no money. This goes on while industry execs rake in billions on the backs these broken dreamers.

So the next time one of your wall street, oil industry, right wing friends starts telling you that you are part of Hollywood’s liberal elite, say no; my industry is every bit as cutthroat and heartless as yours, we are just better looking and have better PR. You’re the rats and we’re the squirrels…


About The Author

Kip Baldwin brings over 25 years of entertainment industry experience to Loop Hole in a wide variety of disciplines such as, musician, artist management, artist relations, pr, entertainment journalist, special effects and broadcast graphics producer, actor, writer and producer. Mr. Baldwin is also the a founding partner in Aislng Visions Inc. an Idea Fulfillment Group, specializing in sales, marketing and product development. Projects and clients have ranged from Hearst Ranch and Windy City Novelties to Carlos Falchi Designs and Will Vinton Studios. Currently, Mr. Baldwin is the producer and or creator along with Loop Hole of the following projects; The Road to Fenderville, One Hundred Things and Love Floats. Mr. Baldwin also co-created the reality series WEED COUTRY in cooperation with Studio Lambert and The Discovery Channel, which aired Wednesdays on The Discovery Channel. Its premiere episode drew over 1.1 million viewers and has seen a steady rise in viewership with each new episode, boasts main stream advertisers such as Honda and is currently in discussions for season 2.The show’s success further demonstrates Mr. Baldwin’s solid instincts for being ahead the curve when deciding which projects he will devote his time to, as Mr. Baldwin believes in setting the trends, not following them. Business Philosophy: “It is my belief that opportunity is not the knock on the door you wait for as inactive participant, but rather a co-creative process in which one’s own opportunities are realized, by having the vision to see the potential in others that they have yet to recognize or have forgotten about, in either themselves or their respective widgets.”