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This show doesn’t know how to let anything die.


Season 2, Episode 18: Thirty Years of Science Down the Tubes

The season finale took any momentum from last week’s episode and fell into the same patterns that have made Last Man on Earth’s second season a little stale. Phil goes to to Tucson where Mike is dying at their parents’ house. The brother’s fight because Mike wants Phil to leave him. Phil doggedly ignores him until a big emotional confrontation, but he still ends up leaving anyway. So much for the show’s most interesting character. RIP Mike.


Meanwhile, at the house, the rest of the gang finally believes Gail when they, too, see the drone. Melissa, paranoid since Mike brought the virus back into their world, shoots it down while the rest of the group holds up friendly signs. In her heightened emotional state, Melissa almost shoots Carol. The group tries to calm her down.


Phil returns to Malibu, feeds the now-orphaned calf, and Gail spots a ship docking near the house. Through the binoculars, Phil sees a bearded man. It’s Pat Brown from Mike’s solo episode. He’s got two other haz-mat suited guys with him, and they have guns. Oh farts indeed.

Although it’s easy to believe Mike is gone, I think we’ll see him again. This show refuses to let a bad joke die, and Mike and Phil’s sibling rivalry is the least interesting part of their relationship, so it’s got to come back. It also refuses to let Erica be interesting, giving us a taste of something wonderful and pulling it away. Melissa proved herself to be pretty handy with a shotgun, so I’d be really excited to see her confront Pat Brown and his mysterious new cronies. But since no one besides Phil is allowed to do anything consistent or funny, I suppose I won’t get my wish. Fox has renewed the series, but I think in order for a third season to work, the writers really need to step up their game and treat it as an ensemble show. Last Man on Earth has all the raw ingredients to be something truly amazing, and I hope the writers start cooking with more than one or two of those ingredients per episode.


Directed By: John Solomon

Produced By: Andy Bobrow, Will Forte, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Chris Plourde, Liz Cackowski, Erik Durbin, Tim McAuliff, John Solomon, Emily Spivey, Steve Burgess, Erica Rivinoja, Seth Cohen

Written By:  Edward Voccola & Maxwell R. Kesser

Starring: Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, January Jones, Cleopatra Coleman, Mel Rodriguez, Mary Steenburgen, Jason Sudeikis

Network: Fox

Release Date: May 15, 2016

Run Time: 22 minutes

Rating: N/A

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