As much as we want to believe it, Film Takeout isn’t the only website on the internet. There’s at least seven.  See some of our partners links below from some of our fellow.and past writers, and other websites we just really to check out.  Go ahead and click the link. We know you’ll come back when your done.

One of our favorite websites and partners out there today. Hosted and run by Stefan Blitz, forces of geek combines everything you ever loved as a child (and adult) jam packed with content, and analysis.

Check out one of our old writers Ben Travers and many other stellar writers bringing an amazing look at cinema and television with the popular site.

A Literal family of movie junkies tackle the best, worst, and rest of film one review at a time…

One of the best upstart websites on the web host to great analysis and views on entertainment and technology today.

One of the best websites, period for analysis, reviews, and news entertainment related.

Hosted by our point/counterpoint writers, Brian and Golan provide their scathing opinions and hilarious banter on their original website.

Writer Jonathan Smith and others tackle society, technology, and entertainment like none other in their own brand of style.

Writer Bryan Schuessler brings his passionate voice of films, comics, and horror movies to his own website.