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In what feels like the twelfth movie starring Kevin Hart comes…a movie starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in the most generic movie of the season. That’s not quite accurate, “Ride Along” is generic but really rather smart, knowing that it’s the same old rehashed story the audience has seen many times before.

For the most part “Ride Along” is somewhat entertaining , there are moments that are enjoyable and while there’s nothing new about it, the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously is what helps makes it a somewhat watchable “comedic” take of “Training Day.”

This is a Kevin Hart movie through-and-through, he doesn’t bring anything new to the movie, even the numerous height jokes are old and feels stale; playing the brass and annoying role he’s known for. Hart plays Ben a security guard who is trying to impress his girlfriend’s (Tika Sumpter) brother James (Ice Cube) by joining the police academy.  Hart who is dubbed as “The Black Hammer” fulfills the typical bumbling idiot role without much effort while Cube appears to just be along for the ride so he can collect a paycheck at the end of the day.


Like paint-by-numbers “Ride Along” follows the generic script of them teaming together to take down a drug dealer, so that James can impress his fellow officers and Hart can finally be taken seriously as a very short man. Of course James is determined to make Ben’s day on the police force a pure nightmare filled with annoyances and a cast of wacky characters while Ben is too clueless to figure out what James really has in store for him.

This movie is a disaster and simply falls apart like cheap linen purchased at the 99 cent store. Hart seems to lack any acting skills and makes up for it by overacting and as a result his character is an idiot, minus any loveable aspects. Each line is delivered in an out-of-breathe screech as if he’s being raped and running for his life simultaneously.

Ice Cube tries to balance out Hart’s aggressive ways by simply not being present, his laidback character was fine in “Friday” but in this movie he kind of disappears and is greatly overshadowed by everyone onscreen. While one can appreciate this, there needs to be a balance between the two actors. There are moments, especially in the supermarket scene where briefly there’s hope but then someone else decides to overact and Hart feels the need to play a game of “who can be more annoying;” no one seems to know the difference between “gross-out humor for the sake of laughs” and “organic humor.” As result, it’s easy to just check out of the movie.

The movie wears out its welcome by the second half but for some reasons there’s still more of the script that has to be gotten through. Finally by the end of the movie (which is predictable) actress Tika Sumpter’s is used but unfortunately she’s reduced to nothing more than a prop which is a shame because she could have been the saving grace of this movie. There are some surprise cameos whose talents are also wasted but no one really cares because by that point the audience is just numb.

The movie’s ending is wrapped up in a nice little box as another wasted forgetful, empty movie that should have never been opened in the first place.

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