Erlich Interrupted 

The penultimate episode of Silicon Valley’s first season was a breath of fresh air as it gave the audience a pleasant change of scenery. With the season coming to a close Silicon Valley was in need of two strong final episodes to keep the buzz for the show going and minus a few small hiccups, Proof of Concept left us satisfied. Amidst the amusement of this episode we must also come to terms with the fact that while this show may be a hit, it is not too concerned with the plot.

We find the Pied Piper gang at the TechCrunch Disrupt start up competition which presents a whole new collection of tech geeks. The guys are struggling to finish their demo presentation and a few more unexpected speed bumps are not helping to hurry up the process. Richard is informed that a girl who he went to college with is at the competition and she has been gallivanting around the conference telling people that he is obsessed with her. This brings Richard’s progress to a halt as he cannot stop thinking about how much it annoys him. The problem is that his incessant whining begins to annoy us. Richard’s awkward and uncomfortable personality begins wearing a bit thin in this episode and leaves us wanting more of the quiet goof genius and less of the whimpering slacker. 


The supporting cast does a great job of reeling us back in as always. Jared has returned back from Peter Gregory’s unpopulated island with no explanation and is feeling underappreciated by the group. We are getting a heavier dose of Monica as the show is doing the best that they can while trying to deal with the devastating loss of Christopher Evan Welch who played Peter Gregory. As Monica starts helping out more and more with Pied Piper she ends up doing a lot of Jared’s usual work. A combination of this and more frustrating encounters with inanimate objects leads to a very comical break down. This is a greats scene as it is nice to see Jared stand up for himself a bit and some confusing word choices lead Richard’s “obsession” to assume that he is actually not obsessed but gay.

Dinesh and Gilfoyle are top notch yet again. After Gilfoyle helps a cute girl at the booth next to them with some of her Java code, Dinesh later meets her and assumes the code on her computer was her own personal work. Dinesh finds himself attracted to this girl and the main reason for the lust is because of her apparent programming skill. Devastation ensues when Gilfoyle informs him that it is in fact his code that has Dinesh so hot and bothered and labels him as “Code Gay.” These two continue to have a great chemistry that brings quality contribution to the show.

silicon-valley-s1e7As we have come to expect at this point, Erlich steals the episode. After hearing that one of the judges of the competition is Dan Melcher, Erlich informs the group that he slept with this man’s wife a few years ago. He is unsure if Melcher knows about the tryst and sets himself on a mission to find out. We get more tastes of his self-praising attitude with his hysterical and eccentric demands for the lighting during his presentation as well as his effective intimidation and insulting of competing start up groups. In his attempts to find out more about his issue with the judge he cuckolded Erlich meets Melcher’s new wife. While it is easily expected it is still hilarious when he ends up sleeping with this woman too. This comedy is only topped when Melcher spear tackles Erlich at the very beginning of his presentation. 

Barring a ground breaking finale the thing that needs to be remembered when getting into this show is to lower our expectations. It seems that Silicon Valley is less concerned with the impact of Pied Piper and the company and more focused on funny situations and a comedy driven show. We need to accept the fact that a lot of things are simply not going to be explained and are not going to have lasting content in the show. There will be scenes and characters that are never going to come up again and that’s fine. What this show is going to do is continue to give us some contrived settings and let hilarity ensue. They will create funny situations and leave us smiling afterwards. This isn’t going to be a show that leaves us on the edge of our seats waiting to find out what happens with the plot, but it could however leave us on the floor holding our stomachs laughing and that should be more than enough for us.      

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