Silicon Valley’s season finale brings in brand new jokes, ideas, and approaches to deliver the hands down best episode of the season. All of the top qualities of the show were in full force and many questions and concerns were more than answered even when we didn’t expect them to be. This finale is a well written and well performed homerun that leaves us absolutely begging for season 2.

The episode picks up right where we left off at the TechCrunch Disrupt contest with the sprawling clash between Erlich and the cuckolded judge. In hopes to avoid a law suit, the TechCrunch board decides to put Pied Piper straight through to the finals and after some wheel greasing by Erlich, they also put them up in the hotel suite. This victory is short lived soon after when the gang sees the presentation by Gavin Belson and Hooli’s Nucleus. In Gavin’s presentation he shows that Nucleus will be synced with all other Hooli programs and the dagger in Pied Piper’s heart is that they have the exact same Weisman score.


After this blow the PP team goes into a full scramble to try to come up with a response for this presentation and the cast delivers some of the episodes best moments. Jared, who looks like a complete mess, brings up the idea of a “pivot” suggesting that the company changes gears and focusses on something else for their direction. Here we see how sleep depraved he has become and seems to be losing his mind. Not only does actor Zach Woods keep us doubled over with his absurd idea pitches to complete strangers and his borderline psychotic behavior, but he also addresses his 4 day stint on Peter Gregory’s robot island. This was great to see that the writer’s didn’t completely forget about that little detail.

When it looks like the team is facing an uphill battle that they simply cannot climb the guys sit in the hotel suite and discuss their plan which turns into an intelligent and formulaic discussion based around the always classic “dick joke.” After deciding that the only way to win over the judges and the audience is by Erlich servicing each one of them, the PP team begins discussing a method and formula which would make it feasibly possible to do so. This provides likely the greatest moments of the season. The cast finds their best momentum and play off each other perfectly to create the funniest moments we’ve seen yet.

Our team shows how determined and productive they can truly be and more importantly it sparks the solution to their problem. Richard takes the “middle out” idea originally devised when thinking about how to most efficiently give hand jobs to the audience and applies it to a new code for Pied Piper’s modules. The brilliance of the episode lies in the fact that they used a comedic discussion that on any other day would have distracted the guys as we have seen many times before and allowed it to be the key to their success.

With the confidence of his work creating the new compression engine, Richard makes the decision to present in the finals. After the first couple of episodes, Richard’s nervous and mumbling personality was wearing thin.  His redemption and value comes storming into play with this performance as it shows his intelligence and guts. This was a monumental stride forward as it reminded us why we care about this character. He completely throws out the entire platform of Pied Piper, creates a newer and better one, and then presents to an audience of hundreds. The new compression engine blows the judges away leaving Pied Piper with the 50 thousand dollar grand prize and dozens of potential investors.

This finale was everything that it needed to be and more. In a season that lacked certain matter in the middle episodes, Silicon Valley came with a finale that was both heartfelt and hilarious. We were able to see a full and complete cast all providing hysterical moments sandwiched inside a substance driven episode. Brilliant writing and stellar performances created a finale that leaves us celebrating for this gang of geniuses. For the first time of the season since the premiere an episode ended and the highlights were not all based on the funny parts. We leave this finale filled with emotion and excitement. One of the hardest things to do at times with comedies is provide the audience with a cast and a goal that we truly care about. It is without doubt that the guys at Pied Piper are a group that we are seriously rooting for and I for one cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next.

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