The old adage is if you have too much of something , you really have nothing. And when you have a few stand out above the rest, you have a golden age. Film has risen with each ‘film class’, filmmakers emerging from an industry lull to dynamically alter the path of film, taking it in unexpected places that would change the world of cinema forever. Filmmaking was mostly a paint by numbers studio excursion in making films for older white americans before Spielberg, Coppola, Lucas, Scorcese, and De Palma burst through the door as film students, instantly making classics beloved to this day.

After that we reached another stage where it appeared film was at its Zenith, and the classics were no longer attainable. This seemed true until Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson and Soderbergh created a new film school drop out generation, creating classics to this day. But the amount of classic films and stories are coming convoluted. The amount of choice is too many, and too many filmmakers are focused on making entertainment instead of making art.


This isn’t to say that film should all be art, and we should not enjoy escapist fare. Film was created as an alternative to the opera so middle and working class people could enjoy the arts. But film is a spectrum, ranging wildly all over the place and film is being placed too far in the middle. It’s no question that profits drive film, but with careful budgeting and planning, it’s been shown that good stories trump the box office.   A movie like HER in creatively exhilarating while still taking very commercial and popular aspects of society to really emphasize a social point. But how many other HER’S are out there? Have we really seen any new film makers emerge since the last batch to take over the mantle?

The answer is sadly, no. Most voices have shifted to television, where it’s far less a committee by numbers and far more an artists canvas to paint.   Youtube has made creating content extremely cheap, causing an influx in the market where its become cannibalistic towards filmmakers, shoehorning filmmakers into very limited scopes of creativity.

Film is what it is by virtue of the voices it creates. The modern day times we live in prove that there are far more social issues with grey areas than ever before. The niche modernization of society has led to an extremely vocal set of groups with specific goal points and ideals. This should be reason enough that we have vibrant film makers pushing through. But the lack of voices coming through is troubling.

The saying also goes you get what you pay for. If we don’t work towards having and seeking out new voices the amount of diversity in the film market will continue to shrink, as will our options as an audience. With the amount of technology available today, that would be worst thing that could happen. Then again, last time we felt this way, a small film by the name of Pulp Fiction was released, one can only hope a production house is sitting on the next wave right now.

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David Postma is the creator, co-managing editor, and writer for Filmtakeout. After receiving an Associates Degree in Journalism from Grand Rapids Community College in 2006, he attended Columbia in Chicago where he graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors in Film. Dave interned at Lionsgate Studios in 2008 where he worked in both the Television department and the New Media department. Dave also runs a production company, Beyond the Horizon, which helped to produce "Weed Road", a hit reality show on the Discovery channel. He currently assists with Global Benefits LLC in financing for commercial, real estate, and entertainment ventures; and he recently became Chief Operating Officer at M6 International where he assists both in financing structures for the company and helping assist overseeing productions of entertainment and commercial projects across the company stratosphere. Dave also sits on the board of directors for Downbeat Collective, a non profit dedicated to creating artistic endeavors to help provide funding to non profit organizations of various need.