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Remember All the Good The Purge Does

After the original Purge was a massive success, the sequel was an absolute inevitability. It is without question that the second installment of The Purge is even better than the first, and brings a whole new form of quality. The Purge: Anarchy comes with a completely different style than its predecessor. We are taken to the streets to see the true horror that is the annual Purge. Following a group of strangers through the city of Los Angeles, we see just how seriously people take this night of terror. Many times we are shaken by the menacing behavior of those who roam purging to cleanse their souls. The new view of this night combined with a delightfully surprising collection of quality performances, makes film is a big winner in the horror department.

The entire nation is scrambling as the clock ticks down and approaches the beginning of the 2023 Purge. Our story follows a group of stragglers who find themselves stranded out in the middle of the city during the most dangerous night of the year. Mother and daughter, Eva (Carmen Ejogo) and Cali (Zoe Soul) lock themselves up in their home in the projects. Shane (Zach Gilford) and Liz (Kiele Sanchez) are on their way out of the city when their car breaks down, stranding them with nowhere to go. These two are stalked by a group of purgers who instill fear simply by the sight of them. Sergeant (Frank Grillo) finds himself out in the city as well but for very different reasons. While he may not be purging like the rest of the people out, he certainly is on a mission, and he is prepared for a battle.

Cali watches propaganda videos of a group who are rebelling against The Purge. The videos go on about how the Purge was designed to target the poor and control population. The rebellion’s message seems to be accurate when an army storms into their apartment building. The two are taken outside and to be killed when, out of nowhere, Sergeant kills all of the men holding them and saves their lives. Here is the first time we see what a bona-fide badass Sergeant is. After he take down of these men, it is clear that Eva and Cali are in good hands. Lucky for Shane and Liz, they also stubble upon Sergeant and convince him to let them stick with him. Sergeant agrees only when his car breaks down, and Cali says she can get him a new one. Sergeant’s agenda fuels him at any cost. He has set out to seek revenge on the man who killed his young son in a drunk driving accident. It is evident that nothing will keep him from confronting his son’s murderer.



We follow this group as they struggle through the turmoil of Purge night. What sets this film apart is the experience of the city and all aspects of this corrupt annual tradition. We see the barbaric behavior released out on the streets, as well as how deep the Purge actually goes. As our group evades all sorts of threats, we get a pleasing dose of witty sarcasm from Zach Gilford, and the birth of a man to be reckoned with in Frank Grillo. The most unsettling aspect of the film is the behavior of the wealthy. We are given a taste of the new form of government knows as the NFFA (New Founding Fathers of America), which is run by the rich. They go as far as capturing people on the streets and then bidding on the right to hunt them to fulfill their purge. The one chance at taking them down is the rebellion, which seems to be the only thing that still sees reason.

The Purge: Anarchy presents the next stage in a chilling future government. As impossible as the idea is in a realistic sense, the film manages to instill very real fear when pondering its possibility. The film presents so many unsettling moments that it is hard not to have a very real fear for the purge. Surprisingly, the performances and characters bring the whole experience together. The story line is strong, especially considering the genre, and the opportunity to present nonsensical violence and killing. While there are many moments that make you jump out of your seat, this film does not rely on that as a crutch. There is a great deal of action and suspense that keeps us more than entertained. There are a number of characters that we are rooting for and, unlike many horror films, we feel like they have a real chance. This sequel absolutely topped the first and it is safe to say that we can look forward to the Purge next year as well.

Stay safe.

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