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The story opens in beautiful Port Royal with the governor’s daughter, Elizabeth (Knightley), waking up and getting dressed. As she is getting dressed, she puts a pirate medallion that she had been hiding, around her neck. Elizabeth eventually falls into the water and the medallion sends out a pulse type signal.  As all this was going on our hero, Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) arrives on a sinking ship. Jack then follows the dock and attempts another commandeering. While trying to convince the guards, which were protecting the ship that Jack wanted, he notices Elizabeth fall into the water and proceeds to save her only to end up in the Port Royal jail. Later that night, the mythical ship, The Black Pearl, appears in Port Royal and begins attacking the people there while looking for the pirate medallion. They eventually capture Elizabeth and leave the port in ruins, nearly razed to the ground. Will Turner (Bloom), a blacksmith that is secretly in love with Elizabeth, notices she was kidnapped and wants to rescue her. Will proceeds to free Jack Sparrow in hopes that he can help him save Elizabeth and they embark on a piratical adventure full of gallivanting, shanties, lots of rum, and of course; treasure.



Pirates fluctuate in populatiry but are always a good time and this critic is partial to them. This picture be thee one that stands out among thee rest. No means to be rude to thee Robert Louis Stevenson classic, Treasure Island though. Savvy? It is unbelievable that this picture had everything a pirate could want in it such as guns, swords, gold, pillaging, women, rum, ships, curses, skulls, parrots, monkeys, action, and lots of treasure. All sorts of thee pirate lore in this picture be true to thee actual happenings of pirates’ past, the likes of which were the East India Trading Company having branded Captain Jack Sparrow on his wrist with thee letter “P” along with some of the settings like Port Royal and even Tortuga. Tortuga actually is an island in the Caribbean that pirates went to for recreational purposes such as fleeting needs with the likes of wenches. All sorts of thee sets and props be correct to thee various pirate eras as well. Director Gore Verbinski saw to it that thee props, such as the pistols and scimitars, were as close to accurate as possible. Thee costume department held to this protocol as well with their different clothes, textiles, hats, and even beards, as we be seeing with Jack Sparrow’s twin braided beard. Even some of them having dreadlocks be an accurate attribute since pirates often did not brush or wash their hair it would form dreads over time from the effects of the salt water. The attention to detail making this a period piece helps in the grand illusion and romance of this piratical adventure.




Thee plot of this here picture be a good one with its intertwining smaller stories and how certain things come into play later in thee film and, in retrospect, actually effected thee film throughout. Thee choice of thee landlubbers to play thee buccaneers of this fine feathered film were that to be reckoned with as well. Johnny Depp brings a lot to thee table with his uncanny portrayal of a moderately insane and egotistical pirate that claims to be Captain of a ship that had been raised from Hell. All the mannerisms that thee character of Jack Sparrow have are unbelievably amazing in regards to having been alone at sea time and time again. Johnny Depp deserved his naked golden man statue (Oscar) for his performance here; it was unparalleled. Depp is not thee only amazing actor in this film, though. Geoffrey Rush plays an astonishingly evil Captain Barbosa, with his long and elegant words and powerful motions. Thee interaction between Rush and Depp in character is brilliant, especially when it is revealed that Barbosa was Sparrow’s mutinous first mate. Both Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley play their “pretty” person characters very well and are given chances to prove themselves in this picture- and they do. However, they are not as accomplished as either of their co-actors. Thee one issue is that thee title is incorrect. It should not be thee Curse of the “Black Pearl,” but instead “Aztec Gold,” since it was not thee ship that was cursed but, in fact, the gold. Nonetheless, it was thee story of Sparrow’s recapture of thee Black Pearl that he had lost to thee mutiny aboard his ship. Before this critic writes a novel about this film, here is the shorter message in a bottle version. The film is amazing and is one of the best pirate films of all time, which is why there have been so many sequels and spin off stories. Anyway, thou need to be seeing this film. Savvy? Otherwise ye landlubbers shall be walking thee plank very soon. So rent it or buy it, just don’t be a pirate and steal it or ye shall be sent for a short drop with a sudden stop. Take what ya can, give nothing back. Drink up me hearties, yo ho!!



Directed by: Gore Verbinski

Produced By: Jerry Bruckheimer

Screenplay By:  Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio

Starring: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Geoffrey Rush

Distributed By: Buena Vista Pictures

Release Date: July 9, 2003

Run Time: 143 mins

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