I would like to point out that I unfortunately didn’t get to see a lot of the films that came out in 2015 that I wanted to. So this top ten list is just based on the movies I actually watched – not just what I believe to be the greatest films released last year. I know there are several I haven’t watched yet that belong on this list. Until I watch them, these are my favorites from 2015. It was a damn good year for cinema and I’m looking forward to what 2016 has to offer.

10. Trainwreck

Does anybody else ever want to laugh at something that someone said that sounds inappropriate but you don’t want to be THAT person? Well, Trainwreck allows and encourages you to be THAT person. It’s also refreshing to see a woman as this role because we’re so used to men being the lead in films like this. Amy Schumer, you have my undivided attention for everything else you will ever do.

9. Spy

This surprisingly hilarious comedy is another breath of fresh air. Leading roles can belong to women – and to women who do not fit under the harsh expectations of being thin and perfect in Hollywood’s eyes.

8. Inherent Vice

An underrated film that was thoroughly entertaining. It was a tad bit long, but overall such an engaging story with beautiful cinematography. Joaquin Phoenix truly put on a great performance.

7. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Everybody needs a solid ‘feel good movie’ in their life and this is easily one of mine. Quirky elements, great acting, and light humor make this film delightful to watch, amidst all of the sadness, and really makes you think and appreciate everything and everyone you have in life.

6. The Final Girls

Comedy/horror films are one of my favorite genres. The Final Girls has more of an emphasis on the comedy than the horror, but was such a fun film to watch that had me laughing throughout the entire thing. There’s nothing better than super cheesy horror films that are meant to be laughed with and at.

5. Crimson Peak

Crimson is “of a rich deep red color inclining to purple.” It’s a color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure – all of which are contained in Del Toro’s latest film, Crimson Peak. This film was a beauty and I enjoyed every minute of it, but maybe I’m biased because I’m such a fan of Del Toro.

4. Mad Max: Fury Road

Hello cinematography and color. Hands down, one of the most badass films I’ve ever watched. Not having watched any of the other Mad Max films, I didn’t really need to in order to enjoy it. There is just the perfect amount of story to pull at your feels and action that create a great balance. Seriously. Badass.

3. The Visit

The unexpected humor in The Visit was done so perfectly that it created a great balance of comedy and suspense. I usually am not a fan of child actors, but they did a great job in this film. Regardless of all the flack M. Knight Shyamalan gets with how weird his films are I tend to still always root for him. With this film, he killed it.

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

My husband and I have never been so anxious for the release of a movie than we were with this. After a long wait of much buildup and anticipation, we were not let down. I felt like the style of this film stayed true to the original trilogy and JJ Abrams pulled it all together very nicely.

1. It Follows

Immediately after leaving the theater, I wanted to watch this film again. It Follows contained some of the most gorgeous shots I’ve seen, utilizing dark rich colors, dramatic lighting, and original score. The amount of suspense in this film is enough for you to be creeped out without feeling terrified. The style and story of this film captivated me so much and I look forward to what else David Robert Mitchell (director) has in store.

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